Earl M. Lawson Elementary School

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Lawson T-Shirt Orders

We will be doing a shirt order, so now is your time to grab one. Click to download the order form for this year's shirt. We have a few of last year's shirt still available for $5.00. There is limited choice in size and color, so if interested in picking up one of last year's shirts, please email me with what size you want and I will get back to you on availability.
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Lawson Students Welcome Community Partner for Science Lesson

This week students at Lawson Elementary welcomed Brenda Taxeras from the Leavenworth County office of K-State Research and Extension for a fun science lesson. Brenda conducted an experiment with the students to illustrate Isaac Newton's law of inertia. Students stacked a pie tin and a paper towel tube on top of a half-full cup of water. They placed an egg on top of the tower they built. When students slapped the pie tin, the eggs were supposed to drop into the cup of water to show that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force.
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Lawson Elementary Hosts Family Fun Night for a Great Crowd

Students at Lawson Elementary were treated to an evening of fun, food, and family as the school hosted its annual Title I Information and Family Fun Night. Families were invited to enjoy food, prepared by the Child Nutrition Department, as well as a number of activities coordinated by staff members, including balloon animals, carnival games, and bounce houses.
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Students Welcome Author Candy Johansen

Lawson Elementary students had the special privilege of welcoming children's author, Candy Johansen. Johansen has two published books about her dog, and co-author, Molly the Pug. Candy visited with students about the books and read her stories ABC's with Molly and Me and 1, 2, 3's with Molly and Me. Students also enjoyed the opportunity to meet and pet Molly herself.
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Lawson Leaders Set Examples for Younger Peers

A group of Lawson Elementary Students, known as "Lawson Leaders," are working with younger students in their school. Students visit a different classroom each week to read to students and build relationships. This group of leaders will also serve as peer mediators to resolve minor conflicts for their younger peers.
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Picture Day

Lifetouch will be take school photos on September 26, 2016. To order your child's photos, visit mylifetouch.com and enter the school's Picture Day ID (Lifetouch will be on hand for school picture day on September 26, 2016. To order your child's photos, visit mylifetouch.com and enter the school's Picture Day ID (KM056184Q0).
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Third Graders Learn About Monarch Butterflies

Third graders at Lawson Elementary had a special guest this week to help them learn about the life cycle of monarch butterflies. A master gardener from the K-State Research and Extension Office talked with Students about how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Speaker Charlotte Van Wormer even brought the classes two caterpillars to observe as they go through the metamorphosis process.
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Quarterly Reward Parties

At Lawson this year we will continue to recognize those students who are following the school’s expectations by hosting Quarter Reward Parties. These parties will be held at the end of each quarter one day during the student’s specials time. Each quarter different activities will be planned for the party. The parties are free of charge and we will provide all supplies.

At the beginning of each quarter a new criteria will be set to determine which students get to attend the reward party. To be invited to the 1st Quarter Reward Party, a student must have four or less Office Referrals and NO ISS or OSS days. If a student attends all 4 quarter reward parties this year they will then get to attend an extra special reward party at the end of the school year. Invitations and details for the final reward party will be sent at a later time.

If you have any questions about the quarterly reward parties, please contact your child’s teacher or the front office.
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